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All features are included in the core license. For feature requests, use our contact form.*

Currently available features


Data Plugins

Integrate and fully synchronize existing data sources into your value network, like Excel, CSV, APIs, CRM and ERP systems.


Visual Editor

Manage your value network easily from within our own editor offering an intutitive interface like a whiteboard.

Custom Models

Create custom models and schemes that fit your domain to map and analyze the value network. We already include VDML.

Social Capital

The most important value network metric, it measures the strength and influence of a role and your network.

Value Tracing

We show you how your values flow within the network, offering you custom value formulas and diagnosis.

Pattern Detection

We calculate scores to identify similar roles and to detect anomalies, outliers and other specified patterns.

Visual Analytics provides the most powerful visual analytics instruments to explore the value network you’ve ever seen.

Value Reporting

We provide strong reporting and export mechanisms like Excel and PDF that include the insights and views.

Network Customization

Fully style your maps to fit your corporate design. We provide rich capabilities to create and style views.

* Automated optimization of value networks is not released yet, eagle still has to learn. Plugins are highly customizable, checkout our enterprise services.

The artificial intelligence within is named “eagle”.

"We cannot solve the problems we have created with the same thinking we used in creating them."

– Albert Einstein

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